20 years? And 500 steps!

So this came in the mail today…


I’m super pumped to see everyone, but when did we get this old??

Ok..moving on..

I know it’s only Tuesday, but I’m feeling much better about this week than last.
I had a lazy non productive week last week. Only got one run, workout, and a walk in..
I started this week off with a 3 mile run yesterday morning, Jillian Michaels Shred it with weights (kettlebell workout) level one this morning, and a 3 mile run tonight that ended with climbing the Pine Mountain steps! The link is old…there are now 500 brand new steps as opposed to the previous 400!
*link has been updated as of June 18, 2013* yay! Beautiful pictures!


Heading up!


View of the lake from about half way up


The world famous (no, really) Pine Mountain Ski Jump


The 500th step. There is an awesome veteran’s memorial at the top!


View from the top

We had so much fun (right, Nikki?) that we are planning on doing it again tomorrow!

Topped it off with turkey Manwiches and cabbage salad (or coleslaw for those of you that never met my Auntie Loie) for dinner…shhhh don’t tell the hubs it was turkey 😉  Maybe not the healthiest meal, but it was GOOD.

Have a great week!

Pssst….have you entered my giveaway, yet?

What’s your favorite ground turkey recipe?
I loove turkey chili, but these manwiches were delish!

Any famous landmarks close to home for you?

Kettlebell, love it?
YES, for me!

Class reunion….nevermind 🙂


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2 thoughts on “20 years? And 500 steps!

  1. Thanks for the mention! And for the reminder. I’d been meaning to update that post about the stairs. Just updated it! I also added a bunch of new photos of the new stairs to my Facebook album. Glad you had a good workout!

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